Cabinet Software that's out of this World

Easy-to-use Spazio3D panel and solid timber software comes in more than 25 different versions so that you need to buy only what you actually need. The time savings it provides are remarkable as there’s no setting or marking out needed and no template making, plus there’s total accuracy in the item being produced. Spazio3D software can be used with any make of CNC machining centre and provides enormous efficiency savings.

Spazio3D is subdivided on several levels.

Level 1, which contains features usually found only in more expensive panel software packages, creates straight cabinets in a few minutes using simple commands to produce a cutting list. The Level 2 module incorporates the same features but also has a built-in library of 10,000 components and 70 door models. This allows around 1,000,000 different design combinations. Designs can be changed by inserting or substituting different doors, handles, legs, hinges, drawer fronts and drawer guides. It also creates cabinet tops, shelves, skirting boards and frames, moulds the edges of panel tops and shelves and gives them a smooth finish.

With Level 2 the shape of a room – for example, a kitchen – can be drawn, complete with all the walls, and the cabinets placed in the exact spots they are to go. You can then obtain a 3D view of the room, which is useful for face-to-face meetings with customers. Level 3 incorporates all the features found in Levels 1 and 2, as well as being able to deal with straight or curved furniture or curved rooms. It can develop complex cabinet designs, such as curved cabinets and those incorporating mosaics or marquetry. It also provides high quality rendering, showing all of the items that make up the room in virtual reality. As well as containing all the features found in Level 3, Level 4 can estimate the materials used in one or more projects, produce orders for materials suppliers and a bill of materials, and manage standard or structured codification. It incorporates panel optimisation facilities.

Top-of-the-range Level 5 contains all the Level 4 features plus the ability to manage edge applications and provide production costs and reports together with warehouse management data. To make the software even more productive, Level 1 can be supplied with full CAM capabilities plus the facility to produce barcode labels, as can Levels 2-5, which can also produce cutting lists. ‘ Face Framing' is available with all levels. A full after-sales support service is provided to get you up and running quickly and to ensure you get the very best out of the software.

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